Tuesday, July 03, 2007


"union bosses"
"child sexual abuse"
"impact on the family"
"the safety of our customers"

You get my drift. Keep saying them over and over, and hopefully something will seep into the national psyche. I don't understand why Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd, or any of their team have not responded to the wall-to-wall overuse of the term "union bosses" by identifying it as a keyword the Liberals are using. Just like they are with Johnny being a "clever" politician.

I have no doubt that the sleeping issues that lie in the backgound of the recent "emergency" response to an issue that has barely changed in 11 years—alcohol abuse, child sexual abuse, the availability of pornography—are the real reason this policy was concocted, to bring these issues into the subconscious of the "mums and dads", without explicitly addressing them as "problems" for the entirety of Australian society. Surely these have been popping up in Mark Textor's focus groups, and are seen to be important issues for the "Howard battlers" and conservative new families living on the urban fringes of our capital cities.

Much the same applies to why, for example, our private "public transport" companies are focuissing so much on consumer "safety", rather than on service provision, new lines, or getting more rolling stock, um, rolling.